About Us

Team, which not only connects, but also creates a new future

Our team consists of people with different skills and characteristics, whose main goal is to help you create the next product or detail that can help people in their daily lives or in very specific areas

Are our services only for businesses?

Our services are intended for persons of absolutely any age, regardless of gender and position. Our vision is to bring the 3D printing production method closer to everyday life and to demonstrate its capabilities in every field.

Do you need a simple gingerbread mold or a complex modified center console for your car?

Laurent Dispagne


E-mail: laurent.dispagne@i3digit.com

Sander Lepp

Sales & orders

E-mail: sander.lepp@i3digit.com

André Ainasr


E-mail: andre.ainsar@i3digit.com

Mike Gross

Production & services

E-mail: mike.gross@i3digit.com