3D printing is changing the way we create everything from medical implants to everyday objects, making them more personal and accessible. This technology is a new revolution in the manufacturing industry, offering endless opportunities for innovation and more sustainable operations.

We use the most modern 3D printers working on FDM technology

Cost effectiveness

FDM 3D printing is one of the most economical printing methods, making it accessible to everyone. It requires less expensive equipment and materials compared to other 3D printing technologies.


FDM printers can work with a wide range of materials including ABS, PLA, PETG, TPU and special fibers interlaced with wood, metal and other additives.

User friendliness

The simplicity of the technology facilitates rapid prototyping and customization, enabling quick changes without the need for complex setups or extensive technical expertise.

With us you will get


Newer printers can print 3D already 2-3 times faster without reducing the quality.

Nature friendliness

We use the most environmentally friendly materials in our material selection


Today, the accuracy of 3D printers is already close to 0.1mm, which is practically invisible to the eye.


High-quality drawings and well-thought-out settings give the best result

Customer friendliness

The satisfaction of each customer is very important to us, and therefore we always invest in good cooperation

Impact resistance?

ABS material is known for its good impact resistance and withstands different weather conditions

Wooden fiber gives design

PLA Wood fiber gives a very elegant and special look to its details

Need something practical?

PLA+ is the most common material that is very easy to print while leaving a good appearance

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